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About Futurmat

Welcome to Futurmat!

Futurmat was founded in 1978 with the intention of bringing innovation to professional, traditional espresso machines. The brand combines a passion for Italian espresso with the latest in technology, creating a new way to conceive coffee.

At Futurmat, we believe that a cup of coffee is the culmination of passion, precision and innovation. We manufacture high-quality, reliable coffee machines that elevate the coffee experience for baristas and coffee lovers alike.

Our commitment to quality and tradition is evident in every machine we manufacture. Each Futurmat coffee machine is meticulously designed and built, incorporating the latest technological advances to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Our wide range of espresso machines meets the needs of coffee professionals the world over.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence sets us apart. At Futurmat, we collaborate with industry experts and coffee connoisseurs to understand the fast-moving consumer trends in the world of coffee. This allows us to develop cutting-edge features and functionalities designed to enhance the barista's skills in bringing out the true flavours and aromas of coffee beans.

Technological innovation, avant-garde Italian design with a cosmopolitan character, and reliability combine to achieve the perfect balance in Italian espresso preparation.

Our machines reflect our values. We prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility in our manufacturing processes. Consequently, our machines are energy efficient and are designed to minimise waste by promoting the circular economy. With Futurmat, it is possible to enjoy coffee made with a commitment to a more sustainable future.

Whether in a bustling High Street coffee shop, a boutique specialty coffee shop, a restaurant or a hotel, Futurmat has the perfect coffee machine for you to share your passion for coffee with your customers. Our wide range of models offers versatility, durability and intuitive controls which streamline the coffee making process, producing exceptional results every time. With Futurmat, you can create a masterpiece in every cup of coffee that conveys a perfect harmony of emotions.

Coffee enthusiasts who rely on Futurmat experience the art and precision of our professional espresso machines, discovering a world of flavours with every sip.